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How to Best Prepare Before the Cleaner Comes

How to Best Prepare Before the Cleaner Comes

Hiring someone to clean your home is a great way to give yourself and your family a little extra time to spend away from the mundane tasks of life. However, hiring professionals to clean your home doesn’t mean that you should just leave the place trashed.

There is a certain etiquette to be observed when having someone come to clean your home. If you’re not sure how to prepare, you’re in the right place.

Read through this brief breakdown of a few things you should prepare before the cleaner comes, and feel more comfortable having someone clean your home.

1. Pickup and put important documents away

Before you let a stranger come and clean your home, it’s wise to put any sensitive documents away. You don’t want to take the chance of your cleaner throwing something valuable into the trash, so put everything you wish to keep safely away.

You also never know if that person is entirely trustworthy, so it’s smart to make sure passports and other identifying documents are tucked safely in a lockbox or closet.

2. Remove clutter from your living spaces

It’s a good idea to go through and clean up the clutter in your house before the cleaner comes. You’re hiring a professional to clean your house, not to declutter and organize the place.

Picking up after yourself also means that your things are less likely to get lost. If the home cleaner comes in and places things where they don’t belong, it’s your issue to handle. It’s best to put everything away and pick it up before your cleaner arrives.

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3. Secure your valuables just in case

If you own expensive or sentimental pieces of jewelry, put them away. You aren’t being paranoid, you’re being responsible. There’s no reason to worry about your valuables if you know that you have secured them before leaving your home in the hands of a stranger. At Good Cleaners Finder we employ all our cleaners, and this ensures that we can fully trust them. Book a Cleaner with Good Cleaners Finder for complete peace of mind!

4. Wrangle your beasts prior to arrival

If you have pets, they should be wrangled before the cleaner comes. Dogs jumping and licking makes the process more difficult to finish. Do your professional house cleaners a solid favor, and put your dogs in their kennels or take them for a walk.

5. Stick around for the first cleaning

It’s a good idea to stay home during the first cleaning of your home. You shouldn’t hover over the cleaner while they do their job, but take the time to point out anything you feel like being particular about.

Being present during the first cleaning session gives you and the maid a chance to get to know one another. Building rapport with your cleaners is especially important, as these professionals will be working all throughout your home.

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